Two situations in which a digital keyboard might be more suitable than piano


Here are two situations in which a digital keyboard might be a better choice for you than a non-digital piano.

You want to keep the cost of maintaining your instrument low

If you don't want to spend much on your instrument after you have bought it, then a digital keyboard is probably a better option than a piano. The reason for this is that the latter would require regular maintenance, the cost of which could amount to quite a bit over time. For example, standard pianos need to be tuned regularly.

The frequency with which a piano needs to be tuned may be quite high if, for example, its owner keeps somewhere where the temperatures rise and fall a lot or if they move it to different areas of their home fairly often. Given that piano tuning fees can be high (a single tuning session can often be a couple of hundred dollars or more), this could get costly. By purchasing a digital keyboard that does not require tuning, you won't incur this expense.

Furthermore, if you were to move to a new property after buying a piano, you would probably need to hire a specialist piano removalist to assist you, which could significantly increase your moving costs. Conversely, you can safely tuck a digital keyboard into the back of your vehicle or into a standard moving van with your other items, without incurring any extra fees.

You want to experiment with sounds other than those made by piano keys 

If you can play the piano and want to continue fine-tuning your abilities, but you're also interested in experimenting with sounds other than those produced by piano keys, then a digital keyboard would be a good choice.

The reason for this is that most digital keyboards have a wide array of sound capabilities and beats you can utilise when playing, just by pressing a few buttons. You can, for example, recreate the sound of a violin or a harpsichord. As such, a keyboard would allow you to explore making your own music and experimenting with different sounds, without having to purchase additional instruments that will cost money and consume space in your home. Being able to utilise your main instrument to produce other sounds could also be helpful if you would like to set up a band and enjoy the fun of partaking in a multi-instrumental playing experience but don't yet know of anyone who's interested in becoming a band member.


11 October 2021

Stimulating the Mind With Music: Tips for Everyone

Music can move the soul, but it can also help to stimulate the mind. Hi, my name is Gina, and after seeing my grandma get ill with dementia, I knew that I never wanted to see either of my parents go through it. As a result, I studied all the ways music can help delay the symptoms of dementia. Then, I bought my mum a piano and signed her up for lessons. My dad got a trumpet. I love the results, and I think their minds seem sharper. In this blog, I want to write about all of the different ways music stimulates the mind and provide you with tips for incorporating music into your life. Thanks for reading.