Why Buy Your Children Private Music Lessons?


Music is one of the great joys of life. However, many Australian people only appreciate music from the point of view of listening to it. Although there is a certain amount of music education in Australian schools, access to one-on-one education is not widespread. Therefore, some parents consider that investing in music lessons is a good idea for their children's musical development. If you would like your kids to be able to get more out of music than simply listening to it, then this is a good idea. What are the major benefits of music lessons for children?

Get to Grips With Music Theory

To begin with, music education is about gaining a theoretical understanding of how the main elements of music interact with one another. This means a better knowledge of rhythm, melody and harmony. Even if you are opting for singing lessons, then the basic theory of all three will be taught, which will help children to compose their own works in the future and to appreciate a wider range of music. Many studies have shown that a sound understanding of music theory helps children in other areas of schoolwork, too, because it is an academic pursuit that has applications in things like physics and art.

Develop Physical Dexterity

Physical development is something else that is assisted by music education. For example, guitar lessons will teach your child how to use their fingers in very precise ways. The dexterity it takes to play an instrument like a guitar, a saxophone or a keyboard can be transferred to other areas of life, as well. Many kids with the physical skills that they develop playing instruments can also type fast on a computer keyboard, for instance.

Develop Social Skills

An often overlooked aspect of music lessons is that they are a fun and social thing to engage in. Most music teachers will encourage their students to practice, but this does not necessarily mean that it is a solo pursuit. Getting together with friends and jamming or learning a piece that they can play together is extremely useful for developing social skills and learning how to cooperate with others.

Boost Confidence

In some studies into children's self-confidence, the ability to play an instrument to a decent standard has been shown to help. In short, kids who have a skill they have acquired outside of school often feel more confident in academic situations, something that high-quality music education delivers reliably.

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28 October 2019

Stimulating the Mind With Music: Tips for Everyone

Music can move the soul, but it can also help to stimulate the mind. Hi, my name is Gina, and after seeing my grandma get ill with dementia, I knew that I never wanted to see either of my parents go through it. As a result, I studied all the ways music can help delay the symptoms of dementia. Then, I bought my mum a piano and signed her up for lessons. My dad got a trumpet. I love the results, and I think their minds seem sharper. In this blog, I want to write about all of the different ways music stimulates the mind and provide you with tips for incorporating music into your life. Thanks for reading.