How to Brand Yourself as a Corporate DJ


Most DJ's would want to venture into the corporate world. This is mainly because corporate events pay better than clubs. As such, it is an excellent way to supplement their daily income. In this excerpt, you will learn a few tips on how to brand yourself as a corporate DJ for hire

Social media. 

Have a business social media page where you post business information such as new mixes and upcoming events. Regularly engage your audience but do not overdo it as they might get bored. You might also comment on national issues but observe caution as a strong opinion on some matters may drive away your fans. 


Your lifestyle as a DJ must make the people sitting in board rooms want to work with you. For instance, companies may want to work with a DJ that participates in charity. They may also want to engage with people who inspire a lot of positivity. As such, if you love to travel, cook or participate in sports, some firms will hire because they think that you have a lot in common with their brand. Although some people say that any publicity is good publicity, you may want to avoid scandals that tear down your name. 


A logo is an excellent way to make your brand visible to your fans. It should be simple and relevant. Besides, it should also have a lasting effect on your audience. Once you have sufficient capital and a good fan base, you can have merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and jumpers that you sell or give to your fans. This helps increase your brand's visibility.

Promotional photos. 

Corporate clients are very particular about the DJ that they hire. As such, you should post promotional photos with the intent of presenting a positive image to companies. Regularly post these photos on your social media pages and your website. As such, if someone searches you on the internet, they will find good pictures of you.

Extra services. 

As your brand grows, you need to expand the business. Instead of only providing DJ services, invest in event management and create lucrative packages for your corporate clients. For example, you could offer sound solutions, MC services, tents, décor and even catering services. You should have a team manage all the other work to ensure that you are not distracted from the turntables. 

DJs that intend to market themselves as corporate DJs for hire should have a business social media page, lead a positive lifestyle, create a logo, post promotional photos and offer extra services to corporate clients. 


23 January 2019

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Music can move the soul, but it can also help to stimulate the mind. Hi, my name is Gina, and after seeing my grandma get ill with dementia, I knew that I never wanted to see either of my parents go through it. As a result, I studied all the ways music can help delay the symptoms of dementia. Then, I bought my mum a piano and signed her up for lessons. My dad got a trumpet. I love the results, and I think their minds seem sharper. In this blog, I want to write about all of the different ways music stimulates the mind and provide you with tips for incorporating music into your life. Thanks for reading.