How to help your kids maximize on piano lessons


So you have decided to enroll your kid in beginner piano lessons. This means that you need to be aware of how to maximize on that investment. In this regard, you belong to Team Piano, consisting of your child and his or her piano instructor. A good working relationship amongst the team members will ensure your kid learns a skill that will profit them and afford them pleasure for the rest of their life. This begs the question: what role can a parent play as part of Team Piano?

Acquire a good instrument

Don't underestimate the significance of practicing on a good piano, even for beginning students. A good piano doesn't mean that you have to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, you should spare money for something of high quality than a low-cost, unweighted electric piano if you have the means. A digital Kawai piano is a great alternative. The connection between the lower, middle and higher registers is continuous, bringing excellent cohesion and uniformity from note 1 to 88. Furthermore, a digital piano doesn't require routine tuning as opposed to acoustic types.

Regular practicing

Piano practicing isn't optional. Failure by your child to practice means they will fail to learn and the money paid for the lessons will got down the drain. Your role will be to supervise and make sure your kid practices as instructed in the practice notes. Note that it can challenging to know how far to push your child with piano lessons. You don't want to force your kid to do something they don't love, but at the same time, you don't want to allow them to give up too easily because of not being pushed a lot more.  If your kid finds routine practice a chore despite of your best efforts, try to find out the reason. Do they not get along with their piano instructor? Try a different one. Do they detest the music they are playing? Allow them to choose pieces they delight in.

Create a setting that encourages piano leaning

Spare some thought in regards to how the piano will form part of your household. Think about where to locate the piano. Will there be plenty of distractions or people asking your kid to stop practicing to allow them to concentrate on TV? Likewise, is the piano located in a room where your kid will actually love to spend time? Putting it in an isolated room in the basement may lower the noise, however it will also make piano rehearsal less appealing for the child. If noise is a major problem, consider buying a digital piano that allows your kid to play with headphones so that they stop worrying about troubling everyone.


11 March 2016

Stimulating the Mind With Music: Tips for Everyone

Music can move the soul, but it can also help to stimulate the mind. Hi, my name is Gina, and after seeing my grandma get ill with dementia, I knew that I never wanted to see either of my parents go through it. As a result, I studied all the ways music can help delay the symptoms of dementia. Then, I bought my mum a piano and signed her up for lessons. My dad got a trumpet. I love the results, and I think their minds seem sharper. In this blog, I want to write about all of the different ways music stimulates the mind and provide you with tips for incorporating music into your life. Thanks for reading.